• Teleport Everything

    Visualize and play with products, right from your phone.


Follow your favorite brands, makers and artists to discover their products and designs. When you find an object you want to teleport, simply hit TLPT.


Drag, rotate and place the object anywhere you’d like. Need to see something in detail? Simply hit the magnify button to stretch or shrink an object.


Show your friends and family how you’re teleporting objects by taking a picture or recording a video. Add comments, likes, and even re-teleport objects you’ve teleported.

Some of our favorite Teleporters

Teleporting 101

Navigating through the 4th dimension is simple.


Discover new objects by your favorite brands, makers, artists and see what your friends have been teleporting.

Front Facing Camera

Want to teleport an object while taking that epic selfie? Simply tap to enable the front facing camera.


Teleporting get out of control? Simply hit the reset button to recenter the object back in its original size.


You can get to your settings by tapping the top-right corner to edit your basic profile, security and privacy.


Make ants gigantic and dinosaurs fit in the palm of your hands, the world’s your oyster. You can also make giant oysters.


Show your friends and family what you’re teleporting by taking a picture or recording a video.

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